Cap, Utility Camouflage , w/ MC Insignia 

textile production for this uniform saw a distinctive color change from the Vietnam era ERDL patterns, creating what has come to be known among some historians as "transitional ERDL" or "ERDL 2nd generation." This pattern features mid-brown & grass green organic shapes with black "branches" on an light olive green background, although surviving samples illustrate that several color-dye variations were produced. This 2nd Generation ERDL uniform was primarily distributed to members of the Rapid Deployment Force and the USMC (along with some special operations personnel), but was officially only in production from 1979 to 1981.

  • size Large 
  • Brand New
  • Dates 1979
  • DLA100-79-C-2676
  • 8405-01-060-3995
  • Made By Propper Int'l.

USMC ERDL Camo Utility Cap w/ EGA Insignia


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