Brand New in Box Military Load Adjuster 

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"Over the 19th and much of the 20th centuries the slide rule was the primary instrument for calculation used by many people engaged in the trades and in engineering. Although originally invented in the 17th century, and widely used for gauging it took until around 1850 for the slide rule to become generally popular.

Specialist slide rules of many kinds were developed over the period of their use. This object is not actually a slide rule although it has the form of one. It is, as Bromley noted: "a means of adding moments for loadings in various aircraft compartments. (Serves the same purpose as "Librascope")" Its function is to sum up the weight of crew, equipment and munitions in the aircraft so that the "turning moment" could be equalised and the aircraft's drift to either side was minimised."

US Military C-130B Load Adjuster/Balancer Slide Rule


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