With the introduction of the Private (E-2) Rank in 1948, the Staff Sergeant (E-5) Rank - 3 Chevrons, 1 Rocker "became" the Sergeant insignia from until 1959. After 1959, the 3 Chevron Sergeant was reintroduced and the 3 Chevron, 1 Rocker Insignia became the Staff Sergeant Insignia and an E-6 Rank. In 1951, the Army switched to a Green on Navy Blue Rank color scheme. These Staff Sergeant/Sergeant Ranks are from that period - the 1950's - in which they were "Sergeant" Ranks.

  • At the time - an E-5 Rank
  • Material: Embroidery on Twill
  • Condition: Used - Some stitching missing, been sewn on before - View Photos
  • Timeperiod: 1950's 
  • Sold as a pair
  • Colors: Green Embroidery on Navy Blue Twill

US Army 1950's Staff Sergeant Blue Twill Ranks - Pair


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