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Welcome to Army Navy Warehouse

We are an authentic military surplus store located in downtown Grand Prairie, Texas.

We sell real authentic military gear: boots, bags, patches, field jackets, and collectibles. We also provide military services such as: in house sewing, making name tapes and dog tags on the spot. For authentic military gear, Army Navy Warehouse is the military store to shop at.

We are a dedicated family and business that serves the DFW metroplex and beyond with high-quality military gear. We are also the largest military store in Texas. You can read our story here.

We sell authentic military surplus and provide in-house and on-the-spot military sewing, name tapes, and dog tags. We also sew on military uniforms, to CURRENT military regulations. Basically, we are a one stop shop for military clothing and gear.

We are located at a store-front location in Grand Prairie, an E-Bay store online, on this webpage, and most importantly in the hearts of our dedicated customers. Those same customers that know that we go above and beyond in every aspect of our business.

"This place is amazing! I came in without any knowledge of style, color, or anything. My husband recently joined the Texas State Guard, since he works during operating hours I had to pick up his essentials. They helped me find everything I need and it was all under my budget. I will always be getting our military accessories from the Army Navy Warehouse!!"

-Shelby Jo Stite, Local Guide

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