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The Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)

The BDU Uniform has been a recognizable part of the US Military Uniform History, since its adoption on October 1, 1981. The military uniform of the 1980's till the mid 2000's represented a transition to an individual clothing and equipment system that is totally camouflaged. The BDU components are usually worn over a light brown t-shirt and underwear, with a black web belt (for Army -- other services vary colors of accessory items.) A camouflage field jacket in matching pattern is used for colder weather. Several types of matching cap are available for headgear.

We sell all components of the Battle Dress Uniform. We carry USGI Military Issue. All our used vintage military items are cleaned, repaired, & inspected.

The BDU Uniform can consist of 4 parts:

Additionally the BDU Uniform System was made in 3 colors to allow for use in multiple environments - temperate, jungle, or desert. To cover this range of operating environments, these camouflage patterns (down below) were developed (from left to right) 3 Color Desert, Woodland Camo, & 6 Color Desert (Chocolate Chip):

BDU Shirts & Pants came in the mentioned camo patterns and two material blends for temperate and hot-weather. The cotton/nylon twill blend was for colder weather and the 100% cotton was lightweight and comfortable for warm weather. In 1996, the Enhanced Hot Weather BDU introduced the 50-50 cotton-nylon mix and replaced the 100% Cotton BDU which had issues with tearing and fraying. The 4 Pocket Collared Button-Up BDU Shirt and the 6-Pocket Utility BDU Pant Counterpart remain a main-stay for their vintage look and high quality design.

Coming in matching camo, the Cold Weather Field Jacket/Coat, with its removable liner, provided warmth for cold or cool weather. The BDU Field Jacket borrowed the design of the M-65 Field Jacket with a drawstring waist, a hood concealed in a zipper pocket at the back of the collar, four large cargo pockets with snap buttons, a zipper front, and velcro sleeve tabs. To this day the field jacket remains an top choice for campers, survivalists and others who know the quality and warmth of a real military field jacket.

The BDU Cap or "Patrol Cap" came in multiple patterns and variants, such as models for hot weather or ear flaps for cold weather. Additionally a floppy brim "jungle" hat was available in all the camo patterns. The large "all-around" brim of the "boonie hat" provided great face sun-protection and was favored in hot desert climates. Examples of both hats can be seen below:

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