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Camo Uniforms Shirts Pants Dog Tags Name Tapes Sewing Military gear in Dallas

Knives & Machetes

Ka-Bar, Gerber, Buck , Ontatio Knife Co., Smith & Wesson, Kershaw, CRKT, SOG, Cold Steel, Spyderco, DMT sharpeners, Paragon, Pro-TECH, Boker, Schrade

Boxes & Containers

Ammo cans, foot lockers, medical boxes, water cans, gas cans, wooden ammo boxes, HARDIGG cases, field desks

Patches, Pins, Flags

Military patches in full color, olive green, desert tan, acu camo, muticam colors. Rank patches for dress & service uniforms. Badges, ribbons, attachments for all branches. Novelty patches and pins for veterans & family members. 1000's in stock......

Military-Tactical boots

Corcoran, Belleville, Bates, Swat, Reebok, McRae. Military issue hot and cold weather boots, reconditioned pre-owned black and desert boots. Jungle boots, Gore-Tex boots, leather combat boots, Jump boots, tanker boots.......

Decals & Stickers

We carry a full line of decals & stickers from Mittchell Proffitt Co located in Florida.

We have over 300 designs in stock.

Tactical Vests & Gear

LVB vests, MOLLE vets, Cross draw vests, Plate carriers, shoulder holsters, Ranger vests, Photographers vests, OTVs , grenade vests, wide selection of pouches


Military Uniforms

BDU pants in camo & solid colors, US Army ACU's, USMC marpat uniforms,  Air Force ABUs, PT Uniforms, Dress uniforms for all branches, 24-7 Tactical pants, BDU shorts, T-shirts, Kid's camo uniforms

CAMO UNIFORMS pants shirts

DOG tags Name tapes sewing in Dallas

Bags & Pouches
Duffel bags, backpacks, tactical bags, shooters bags, hydration carriers, rifle cases, tool bags, parachute kit bags, helmet bags, map cases, and too many more to list......